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From measurement to targeting to implementation, we bring you expert guidance and support backed by digital tools.

Building real value and impact through sustainable transformation

We are not just another sustainability consultancy.

Whether you want to comply with current regulations, stay ahead of the regulatory curve, or be leaders in your sector, we’re here to help organisations of any size, including startups, truly embed sustainability into your DNA.


How does your business (and your supply chain) affect the environment?


What impact does your business have on internal and external stakeholders?


Is your business ethically run in alignment with a purpose?

Your trusted advisor

Defining and implementing a sustainability strategy requires change across the entire organisation and value chain. It’s an all-hands-on-deck exercise – and one that organisations often underestimate.

Our sustainability advisory services combine our bespoke offerings into a tailored approach to embed sustainability in your organisation, ensuring everyone is empowered to make sustainable choices that contribute to your organisation’s ambitions (and we can help you define those too!).

Our services include:

Calculate carbon footprint

Decarbonisation strategy

Offset and PPA procurement

Project financing

Carbon offsets

TCFD, SFDR, CSRD compliance

Sustainable finance

For SMEs:

SMEs need to move fast and empower their teams to make sustainability their own. Our friendly training sessions are designed to give anyone in the organisation the frameworks and understanding they need to be able to make decisions with sustainability in mind. 

Materiality Assessment

What are the emerging risks to your business? And how can you mitigate them over time? Completing a materiality assessment is key to uncovering risks and opportunities both inside and outside of your business.

We engage with stakeholders across your organisation to define the key ESG factors that most impact your business and that you have the most control over managing. The outcome is building your ESG strategy, benchmarking against peers, and communicating your risk management strategy with your stakeholders.

Target Setting

Establishing clearly defined net-zero targets ensures that a business’s decarbonisation ambitions are tangible. They communicate to employees, customers, and shareholders the ambition and values of your business.

Long-term targets such as net-zero are balanced with nearer-term, interim targets, which are set every five years. With a shorter time horizon, near term targets enable executives and operational teams to complete strategic planning and dedicate financial resources (or secure third-party finance). We’ll help you set clear and achievable targets.

Decarbonisation Roadmapping

You’re more likely to meet your interim targets with confidence when you plan your decarbonisation strategy upfront. Specifically, understand the financial and non-financial impact of your plans that might include upgrading facilities, sourcing renewable energy, electrifying equipment, or leasing EVs. Also, understand the role of financial instruments such as carbon offsets and Renewable Energy Certificates in mitigating the hardest-to-reduce emissions, such as those in Scope 3.

We help companies understand their decarbonisation potential, support implementation, and provide insights into off-balance sheet financing and green bond support.

Marketing Support

Our team can help you tell your sustainability story.

Beyond preparing ESG report, we’ll help you highlight your sustainability commitments throughout your website.

Why? Telling your ESG story will help you secure funding, report to stakeholders, and maintain internal team motivation.

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"The expertly-delivered content in the training sessions allowed us to kick off our project with confidence knowing everyone had a thorough understanding of these critical topics."

Angela Remus
Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations

"Being able to identify the most solar efficient rooftop locations and funding their installation in the most cost-effective way is a win-win for our clients and the planet."

CEO, Climate Change Venture

"The Bloom team provided excellent services to our Net Zero project."

General Manager
Mitsubishi Capital

"Bloom's carbon calculator and on boarding process has been exceptionally professional and efficient. We really value working with their knowledgeable team."

Ben Peacock, Co-founder