CSRD 101: Free Webinar
Tuesday, 25 July 11:30 Western Europe, 12:30 Central Europe

Doria Zabeo is our resident CSRD expert.

She’s been researching the regulation so she knows it inside and out and has become quite passionate about it.

She said CSRD has the potential to

🌱 radically change how we approach non-financial (or sustainable) reporting: it’s a systemic change.

🌱 push forward the Green Deal agenda.

🌱 change how the world sees sustainable assessments and puts non-financial disclosures on par with financial considerations.

🌱 allow us to measure double materiality so we can finally assess the positive impact that some companies have on E, S, and G.

🌱 increase transparency, comparability and the harmonising of sustainable disclosures, which means it will help move the world of reporting in a common and cohesive direction.

Next Tuesday, 25th of July, we will host a webinar about CSRD 101 to share Doria’s knowledge and help you prepare to comply with reporting requirements.

Terra Milo will be on hand to ask questions like “wait, what exactly is double materiality?”

And “this doesn’t apply to me yet. Why should I pay attention now?”

We’ve prepared useful information and a checklist of next steps, but we don’t want to overwhelm you with text-heavy slides, so this webinar will be more like a conversation between an expert 👩🏻‍🏫 and a non-expert 🙋🏼‍♀️ about what you need to understand about CSRD.

Sign up here and join us live to get your questions answered. 

If you’ve got any questions for us, email us and we’ll add them to the webinar.

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