ESG Equals Corporate Change

Driving corporate change from the top can focus minds, energise teams and mobilise capital. But it needs to be viewed from the lens of the employees.

Employees on the front line can view the world differently. They get to see what a CEO or any member of the c-suite cannot: risks and opportunities emerging in real-time.

They also get to receive direct, unfiltered client feedback.

Combining a corporate vision and resources with front line knowledge of real challenges a company faces is, of course, where a company wants to be. Together, they help a company remain agile to emerging trends and challenges while staying true to the steady vision of its leadership.

So how in practice can that work? And what tools exist to help align both ends of a business? One answer lies in an emerging use of ESG frameworks which are designed to help companies track environmental, social and governance factors.

Because an ESG strategy permeates a company from top to toe, it has the unique ability to connect the corporate dots. Extending as far out as external stakeholders and through to strategic planning, ESG is uniquely placed to identify risks early and share them with leaders who can commit resources that support change.

For example: a global fashion brand will serve its shareholders better if it can tap into and understand the needs of small business owners within its supply chain.

Or, a bank with a large residential mortgage portfolio that learns about customer aspirations to live greener lifestyles will be best placed to build new lending products.

ESG isn’t just about risk management. It’s about connecting the dots.

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