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The Insight Accelerator

Many financial institutions are committing to frameworks and targets but don’t have tools that enable them to make informed decarbonisation decisions.

We believe in informed strategic decisions – and this includes how financials collect data to measure their financed emissions.

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PCAF Data Collection

If you’re only relying on proxy data to set targets and define decarbonisation strategy, you’re not getting sufficient insight into your portfolio of financed emissions.

We’ve created a tool to enable primary data collection from your portfolio by asset class and sector.

We can tailor data requests to better understand emissions profiles, carbon reduction targets, even decarbonisation ambition.

An informed primary data collection strategy has multiple benefits. You can:

  • Tackle the emissions in your portfolio where it matters, faster
  • Reduce data entry burnout of your clients by targeting a subset of your portfolio
  • Gain insights into the potential of your borrowers to reduce emissions, enabling new financial instruments to capitalise on (i.e. Sustainability Linked Loans)
  • Track the progress of your targets over time
  • Improve your PCAF data quality score
  • Accelerate your path to climate leadership

Software like this is the future of sustainability.

Software is scalable and more efficient – you’ll get results faster than waiting for lengthy consulting engagements to wrap.

Use proxy data to determine primary data collection

How we can help

Proxy Data Assessments

With a proxy data assessment, we require limited data to estimate hotspots in your financed emissions portfolio.

A proxy data assessment will carry a higher score under PCAF, however it is a powerful tool to make an informed primary data collection strategy.

Primary Data Collection

Our digital tool allows you to customise your borrower outreach by asset class and sector – depending on where your hotspots are.

The Insight Accelerator will generate a customised list of questions that you can send (via a unique link) to your portfolio. The information is collected and sent back to the portal allowing you to gain borrower-level insights that feed into your decarbonisation strategy.

Our platform enables:

  • carbon accounting of your financed emissions portfolio
  • compliance with PCAF and the GHG Protocol
  • smart climate risk assessments and incentivisation
  • analysis of your Scope 3 emissions
  • climate leadership towards net-zero targets

Get started today

We see sustainability as an opportunity for business and the planet.

Contact us and let’s talk about how we can implement a strategy for your business.

You’ll soon hear from one of our advisors.


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