Partnership with THG Eco
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Bloom ESG is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with THG Eco.

THG Eco brings together practical sustainability solutions to power clients towards their sustainability targets.

With this partnership, they will leverage Bloom ESG’s digital tools and advisory services to help their clients measure and track their carbon footprints and sustainability targets.

Carbon accounting is the first step to setting decarbonisation targets. Clients will be guided along the sustainability journey from carbon measurement, reduction, and offsets. Together we will build a decarbonisation strategy that accelerates your ambitions so you can realise impact sooner.

About THG Eco

Since 2004, THG, an FTSE 250 business, has revolutionised how some of the world’s best-known brands connect with consumers on a global scale. THG Eco has been designed to support businesses and organisations to remove the complexity from sustainability in order to achieve their sustainability goals. 

About Bloom ESG

Bloom stands at the forefront of sustainability innovation with a software solution for ESG and carbon accounting. With an impressive 35-years of experience, Bloom brings a wealth of expertise and technology, ensuring carbon calculations are not only swift but also fully compliant with the latest regulations. The team comprises sustainability experts with deep roots in climate finance – all passionately dedicated to advancing sustainability through technology.

Why THG works with Bloom ESG

THG recognises the transformative power of technology, especially in the context of sustainability. Their goal is to provide THG Eco customers with cutting-edge digital tools that simplify carbon accounting while upholding the scientific rigor and independence associated with our other delivery partners.

Their collaboration with Bloom ESG enables them to build a virtual organisation for your business, where we can meticulously measure and track your carbon footprint and sustainability objectives; no matter how intricate or technically demanding your needs are.

Why we work with THG Eco

After advising clients over the years, we’ve seen how confusing, time-consuming, and expensive the journey can be, but combining our carbon accounting software with strong advisory like THG Eco offers, we can create a truly end-to-end sustainability service that is grounded in science and technology, with the expertise and independence that partnerships bring.


This partnership reiterates our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that simplify sustainability.

If you’re eager to explore our suite of sustainability services further, or you have specific queries about your business’ sustainability strategy, get in touch using the form below or by emailing


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