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Plastic Offsets

Recycling plastic isn’t economically feasible on its own. But with plastic offsets, you can turn your recycling process into a profitable product, and your customers can reach their net-zero targets.

The circular economy

makes plastic recycling profitable through plastic offsets.

Demonstrate leadership

Leverage your expertise in recycling to spearhead sustainable practices locally and globally.

Diversify your revenue stream

Entering the plastic offsets market provides a new avenue for income and new opportunities to partner with customers.

Reach new stakeholders

Offsetting isn’t just about being green.

It’s a gateway to investment and diverse partnerships for environmental protection and sustainability.

Real impact

Your initiatives to combat plastic pollution demonstrate a genuine commitment to positive change.

Plastic waste is a problem.

Global plastic waste has doubled in the past two decades, now totalling 350 million tonnes annually, underscoring an urgent need for a market solution.

It presents a new opportunity.

Leading offset registry VERRA launched the standard for plastic offsets in 2022 to provide a certified solution for recycling plastic waste. Companies that recycle plastic waste can now generate new revenue streams and demonstrate their sustainability leadership to their customers.

How it works

Companies implement plastic offsets projects to certify targeted waste management projects that divert plastic from landfills.

These certified projects generate credits based on the quantity and type of plastic diverted, providing companies with a measurable method to support plastic waste reduction efforts. 

Step 1

Calculate plastic footprint to help identify areas where you can reduce your plastic use and find opportunities for implementing plastic credit programmes to offset plastic consumption.

Step 2

Collect and/or recycle plastic waste in alignment with the plastic credits industry requirements and standards.

Step 3

Bloom ESG manages project registration, tracks data sources, and advises offset sales and trading strategy.

Step 4

Your project receives issued Plastic Credits after verification and approval of documentation.

Step 5

Businesses purchase plastic credits/offsets to meet voluntary commitments or to comply with regulatory obligations.

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