Product Week at Bloom
We gathered the team in Utrecht to upgrade our carbon accounting tool for you.
by Amanda Ackerman

What an energising week! We wrapped up our in-person product focused sessions with the team in Utrecht. Being a remote team, this was the first time some of us met in person and it was truly inspiring to see everyone get excited about product design.

We learned so much. The Bloom journey has been a growth and learning experience that has pushed me to constantly stretch not just what I think – but how I think it.

This week marked a pivot into a new era of Bloom ESG and I’m beyond excited to get started building it. Let’s do this 🚀

This week our Product Manager, Norbert Dumont pushed us to think about product in a way I hadn’t always before (thank you Norbert!).

Sebastian Foot and I built Bloom ESG to solve our client’s most challenging sustainability problems, and this week we doubled down on the “how” – how our software will empower our clients to make sustainability decisions across their organisations, supply chains, even financial portfolios.

Our team really knocked it out of the park.

Thank you Terra Milo for always bringing a fresh perspective to our conversations (and sometimes debates!), to Doria Zabeo for your honest perspectives and smart solutions, Kelly Bond for bringing the sales and scale angle and always pushing us to think bigger, and to Kavya J and Swati Vaish who’s work leading up to this week enabled some really fruitful discussions.

Product week summary

Through these intensive workshops, we’re able to gather experts in CSRD* and PCAF to create the very best tools for you to measure your emissions, set targets, and comply with reporting regulations.

As you may know, regulations and frameworks are changing all the time. We were receiving updates even as we were redesigning the platform.

There’s a lot to sift through, but we’ve got your back.

Now we’ll go back to our remote offices to do the work. We’ve got an exciting platform redesign coming soon.

We can’t wait for you to see what we created for you this week!

*Speaking of CSRD experts, our own Doria Zabeo will host a CSRD 101 webinar later this month. Grab your seat here.

There’s more where that came from!

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