Questions we’re asked the most

When speaking to colleagues and clients alike, there are always a few key questions that come up — and it’s often the same specific things that are keeping us all awake at night.

Mostly, these are queries around often technical elements — both big and (relatively speaking) small. Such as:

  • Where are our emissions hotspots and what can I do about them?
  • How do I engage my suppliers and provide them with the tools they need to set their own net-zero targets?
  • Who is in charge of building maintenance in country X — and what solutions make sense to them?
  • How do I effectively procure carbon offsets?
  • What is the carbon footprint of a single product?

Others may be worried about macro issues, relating to their communities, regulation or public and investor engagement:

  • How do our local communities think about climate change in their lives?
  • How do I efficiently report to TCFD, SBTi, the UK government and the SEC?
  • What financial metrics do investors care about?

But the biggest one by far — the question that we all have at one time struggled and agonised over answering is: Are we having an impact?

These questions are so much more complex than the ones sustainability advisors would have been asked even 18 months ago.

The approach for a company seeking to answer these lies in collaboration, cross-functional engagement, and having a clear view of the mission.

Put another way, sustainability is now about connecting the dots.

Client conversations have changed too. We now talk about organising corporate data before we have a conversation about net-zero pathways, solution optimisation, reporting, and capital requirements.

This is why we exist — to help you answer these questions and more. Whether through expert, strategic advice or bespoke technology solutions, we can help you not just to be able to answer these points but exceed expectations on them, too.

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