Measure. Target. Reduce.

Solar Feasibility

Forecast the financial value of installing solar onto your commercial property and bring predictability to your energy bills by calculating the maximum solar potential for your property.

Find the true cost of your solar project

Promoting energy self-sufficiency not only reduces energy costs, it also helps protect the grid from congestion as we transition to a low-carbon economy

Accurate solar feasibility modeling

Our digital tool combines that data and models consumption data against power generation to maximize self-consumption and minimize power going back to the grid. That means your power is efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.

You can easily assess total generation potential, self-consumption levels, and cost savings against your current tariff. Get ready to go to procurement.

Automated data

Accurately predict for a day or a year

Smart modeling from every angle

Fully integrated = no manual data entry

Share CFO-ready insights into the potential for solar across your entire property portfolio

Calculate savings before going to procurement

Get started today

We see sustainability as an opportunity for business and the planet.

Book a call and let’s talk about how we can implement a strategy for your business.

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