Sustainability in Sports

The tools clubs need to win at sustainability are the same as any major business: a clear goal, a smart strategy to get there, excellent data analytics to track progress, and reporting tools that can meet the requirements of your most demanding stakeholders.

Clubs that start with a clear ESG strategy and a plan to reach net-zero will be the winners. They will discover a more engaged fan-base, stronger sponsor relationships and a wider pool of investors to work with too.

So if you’re thinking about joining the more than 250 clubs that have signed up to the UN’s Sports for Climate Action framework, want to plan how you can reach net zero, or want to pull together all the good work you already do under a unified ESG strategy, you’re in the right place.

We’ll do a thorough analysis of your carbon emissions using our cutting-edge carbon accounting software, including your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. You’ll also get recommendations for implementing a solid ESG strategy.

Your biggest fans

We go to football matches to relax and enjoy ourselves, not to think about the climate crisis. But football clubs aren’t exempt from the effects of climate change or from the business risks (and opportunities).

Like other businesses, you need to comply with regulations and maintain best practices to serve sponsor requests for sustainability.

Whether it’s sponsor engagement, pledging to reach net zero or bringing coherence to your ESG strategy, we have your back.

Sports clubs are discovering that having a smart sustainability strategy is not only good for the environment, it makes sound commercial sense too.

More than 250 major clubs and sports federations have signed on to the United Nations’ Sports for Climate Action framework


Set your commitments and make them public.


Create your ESG plan with action steps, a realistic deadline, and incentives.


Take action to reach your sustainability goals.


Show the results of your initiatives to your stakeholders.

We’re on your team

Carbon accounting

know where you stand and see where you can make improvements / reductions

ESG Assessments

identify and manage non-financial risks and opportunities

Sponsor engagement

demonstrate your sustainability credentials and align with your sponsors ambitions

Fan engagement

inspire your fanbase and give them another thing to cheer for

Renewable energy

adopt renewable energy technologies to reduce your energy costs and save CO2


"The expertly-delivered content in the training sessions allowed us to kick off our project with confidence knowing everyone had a thorough understanding of these critical topics."

Angela Remus
Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations

"Being able to identify the most solar efficient rooftop locations and funding their installation in the most cost-effective way is a win-win for our clients and the planet."

CEO, Climate Change Venture

"The Bloom team provided excellent services to our Net Zero project."

General Manager
Mitsubishi Capital

"Bloom's carbon calculator and on boarding process has been exceptionally professional and efficient. We really value working with their knowledgeable team."

Ben Peacock, Co-founder

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Game-Changer: Why Sustainability Is the Winning Strategy in Sports

Game-Changer: Why Sustainability Is the Winning Strategy in Sports

Sports and sustainability have more in common than perhaps many professional teams and federations realise. From seeking peak performance and making incremental gains to uncovering value and impact.

ESG frameworks don’t just help teams target a clear goal, they encourage engagement: something that all sports teams can get behind.