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ESG for Startups

Implement a solid ESG strategy to attract top talent, create a culture of climate leadership, gain loyal customers, and impress and engage investors.

We can help.

Capital-raising now includes ESG factors.

Be investor ready.

Non-financial risks and opportunities are increasingly prioritised by forward-thinking investors.


investors integrating ESG into considerations


want to see ESG risks and opportunities


said red flags could be a dealbreaker


ESG factors could lower the deal price

Not another box to tick

We know you’ve got a lot of competing priorities and a limited amount of time to figure everything out. We get it, and we’re so glad you’re here, prioritizing sustainability.

It’s a smart move because building a sustainability strategy into your business from day 1 gives you a competitive edge and shows that you’re on track with investor priorities.

You probably don’t need a full-time sustainability expert at this point. Our team of advisors can set you on the right track and integrate ESG through your processes.


How does your business (and your supply chain) affect the environment?


What impact does your business have on internal and external stakeholders?


Is your business ethically run in alignment with a purpose?

Needs differ for Series A, Series B, and Pre-seed startups.

You’ll typically face fewer regulatory requirements and need to assess a smaller number of ESG indicators compared to more mature and larger companies.

This allows you to focus on fundamental ESG considerations that align with your business activities and immediate stakeholder concerns.

As you grow and approach the IPO stage, you encounter an expanding array of regulatory obligations and stakeholder expectations.

The complexity of ESG assessments increases, necessitating a more comprehensive approach that encompasses a wider range of ESG factors and reporting requirements.

We’re on your team

Carbon accounting

Know where you stand and see where you can make improvements / reductions to streamline processes and become more efficient

ESG Assessment

Identify and manage non-financial risks and opportunities

Investor engagement

Demonstrate your sustainability credentials and align with your investor requirements (we’ve seen the term sheets… we know it’s a priority)

Framework Development

Understand which frameworks apply to you so you can hit the right targets as you grow

Tell Your ESG Story

Our team can help you tell your sustainability story.

Beyond preparing ESG report, we’ll help you highlight your sustainability commitmnet throughout your website.

Why? Adding your ESG leadership will help you secure funding, report to stakeholders, and maintain internal team motivation.


"The expertly-delivered content in the training sessions allowed us to kick off our project with confidence knowing everyone had a thorough understanding of these critical topics."

Angela Remus
Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations

"Being able to identify the most solar efficient rooftop locations and funding their installation in the most cost-effective way is a win-win for our clients and the planet."

CEO, Climate Change Venture

"The Bloom team provided excellent services to our Net Zero project."

General Manager
Mitsubishi Capital

"Bloom's carbon calculator and on boarding process has been exceptionally professional and efficient. We really value working with their knowledgeable team."

Ben Peacock, Co-founder

Get started today

We see sustainability as an opportunity for business and the planet.

Contact us and let’s talk about how we can implement a strategy for your business.

You’ll soon hear from one of our advisors.


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