Ways2H ESG Assessment Score
If you're a startup, the chances are that the ESG topic will soon be on the agenda in discussions with investors and talent. According to Harvard Business Review, building an ESG process into your private business has more impact on investor uptake and improves commercial terms than for listed firms.

Ways2H Inc. receives 85% overall ESG Assessment score!

Ways2H Inc. connected with us via an investment firm that prioritises compliance with SFDR and requires ESG assessments from their portfolio.
As a sustainability-focused startup, they saw the value in Carbon Accounting and were intrigued and excited to see their results.

We performed an ESG Assessment, including:

  1. Tailor-made framework and indicators based on their needs, size, and sector
  2. Materiality assessment
  3. Sector review
  4. Framework assessment
  5. Delivered a report with the percentage of compliance by pillar (E-S-G) and an overall score plus recommendations on how to improve the points they didn’t score well on.

They’re pleased with the results and their high overall score of 85% and now they have a report to show investors that they’ve done research, spotted opportunities, and implemented policies around ESG.

Investors appreciate a strong ESG strategy – it shows they’ve invested in a smart business, so having an ESG assessment was a good move for Ways2H.

Additionally, they’re more aware of where they are in terms of ESG. As an energy company, they’re committed to improving the energy sector so they are naturally environmentally-focused but often in sustainability, the S and the G are forgotten.

Now they have policies in those pillars and more awareness of their potential beyond their business.

There’s more where that came from!

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