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Avoided Emissions Calculator

You’re providing waste recycling services for your clients. Let’s calculate the carbon emissions that are being avoided through your work to demonstrate the tangible impact.

Demonstrate Your Contribution to the Circular Economy

Uncover the value of your waste recovery process with the
world’s first avoided emissions calculator.

Share order-level data with your customers. Scale across your global business.

Methodology endorsed by Sustainalytics, a leading sustainability auditor.

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Real-time reporting, sortable by country, date range, commodity type, processing type, and raw output

Avoided emissions calculations for 29 types of waste

Fully integrated = no manual data entry

Your customers will have access to a dedicated portal to access their order data

Connect via a dedicated API

Methodology based on the GHG Protocol

Validated by 3rd party experts

Our calculator helps you track progress towards scope 3 emissions reductions so you can reach your sustainability goals.

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What is “avoided emissions”?

The term “avoided emissions” describes how electronics recovery (resale, reuse, recycle) affects Scope 3 carbon emissions.

(Scope 3 emissions are those that are not produced by a company itself, but rather from other entities up and down a value chain.)

By keeping metals and other electronic components in the production stream, we avoid mining new materials and the carbon emissions associated with that mining and production.

Recycling and other processes do generate carbon emissions, but much less than extracting raw materials. The energy used in the process is factored into the carbon emissions calculator to generate potential avoided emissions data.

How does the avoided emissions calculator work?

We have pulled the emissions cost of generating new materials and compared that data to the cost of the chosen method of recovery to calculate the carbon emissions that are potentially avoided through the reuse/recycle process.

The calculator automatically tracks actual material as it’s received and processed by the e-waste recycling facility. Customers can see a real-time view of potentially avoided scope 3 emissions.

Our methodology was reviewed and approved by Sustainalytics, a leading global sustainability data firm.

Why your customers care

They want to see, with data, how their work with you contributes to the circular economy.

They’re reporting to senior leadership, investors, and consumers, about the end-of-life consideration for their products. They need data to back up their claims.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

You’re promising an environmentally responsible solution to e-waste. With our calculator, you can demonstrate – with verified data – how your solution improves their Scope 3 emissions.

Essentially, you now have the data to back up your claims.

The digital portal solution

You can pull exact data to build stakeholder reports to show to senior leadership, investors, and the sustainability committee of your organization.

Connect to your system through our API so data and calculations are done automatically and accessible by your customers.