Measure. Target. Reduce.

Carbon Accounting

The first step towards decarbonisation is knowing where you stand so you can make smart decisions.

But data collection is a painful process. Knowing what data to collect, who owns it, and what format it’s in.

Our carbon accounting platform enables companies of every size to measure and track their data (without spreadsheets). 

Easy to use

We’ve made it easy to collect and report high-quality data so you get your time back.

Quality data

One challenge with carbon accounting is using global or regional averages. It’s imprecise. Our platform makes it easy to collect high-quality primary data.

Regulatory compliance

Comply with the latest regulations by automating your reports.

Innovative software solutions for ESG and carbon accounting

At Bloom, we combine human ingenuity with digital tools to enable you to meet your sustainability objectives, pain free.

Calculate scope 1, 2, 3 emissions

Collect primary data with ease

Establish a credible baseline

Offset your emissions

Measure and report progress

Stay ahead of regulations


Comply with requirements to report your environment and social impact.


Set targets to net zero and measure your progress.


Collect good primary data that complies with reporting requirements.


Meet UK requirements for carbon accounting and disclosure (affects more than 10,000 companies)

Carbon Accounting

Carbon accounting helps you understand where your global and local emissions sources are located.

Our intuitive software helps you quickly identify hotspots.

Through dynamic analysis, you can prioritise present actions and future plans, and assess their environmental and financial impact.

We believe carbon accounting is more than compliance. It is the foundation on which every corporate’s decarbonisation and future-proofing strategy is built.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials

Compliance + Reporting

Disclosure of corporate climate data is now a regulatory requirement for many companies, and their suppliers and customers.

We believe compliance shouldn’t tax your time. That’s why we track regulatory requirements to ensure that our platform does all the heavy lifting for you. It applies the latest globally recognised standards for calculating your emissions, which are easily analysed with our reporting tools.

The Bloom platform helps you get ahead of reporting to key stakeholders: from board members and auditors, to customers and investors.

Regulation ready

Audit ready

Expert Support

Not every corporate problem can be solved with a software solution. Investor questions can surprise, customer needs evolve, financial planning changes and strategies mature.

To meet these challenges head-on, our experts provide hands-on support. They have decades of experience solving complex client problems, from the boardroom through to the local energy manager.

And if the challenge requires a larger lift, we’ll refer you to our worldwide network of specialist advisors who provide longer-term support.

Global partner support

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We see sustainability as an opportunity for business and the planet.

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How to choose a Carbon Accounting platform

When you’re looking for a carbon accounting platform, you are essentially looking for a system that can measure, track, and manage your carbon emissions.

Consider these features when evaluating a carbon accounting platform:

Comprehensive Data Coverage: The platform should support data from various sources including direct operations, supply chains, product lifecycle, and more.

Easy Integration: The platform should easily integrate with the company’s existing data systems and software solutions.

Scalability: As the company grows, the platform should be capable of handling increased data and more complex calculations without a significant drop in performance.

Accuracy and Reliability: The platform should offer accurate calculations using updated and scientifically-backed emission factors.

Regulation and Standards Compliance: Ensure that the platform is updated regularly to comply with evolving global and regional carbon reporting standards, such as the GHG Protocol.

Flexible Reporting: It should offer data export capabilities, suitable for both internal tracking and external disclosure, like sustainability reports or CDP disclosures.

User-Friendly Interface: Users should be able to navigate the platform with ease, even if they aren’t experts in carbon accounting.

Security: Data privacy and security should be a top priority. The platform should have robust security measures to protect sensitive data.

Support and Training: The provider should offer adequate training and support to users to ensure that they can utilize the platform to its full potential.

Data Verification: It’s beneficial if the platform offers tools or processes that allow third-party verification of data, ensuring the integrity of the emissions calculations and reports.

Stakeholder Engagement Tools: Some platforms might have tools to help engage stakeholders (like suppliers or borrowers) in the carbon accounting process.

Cost-Effective: While this is subjective, the value derived from the platform should justify its cost.

Regular Updates: The carbon accounting platform should be updated regularly to incorporate the latest scientific data, emission factors, and any relevant industry-specific insights.

Adaptability: The platform should be flexible enough to adapt to the company’s unique needs, such as industry-specific requirements or region-specific emissions factors.

The best carbon accounting platform will depend on your specific needs and size. Consider these factors to ensure that your chosen platform will effectively support your carbon management and reduction initiatives.


"The expertly-delivered content in the training sessions allowed us to kick off our project with confidence knowing everyone had a thorough understanding of these critical topics."

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